Choosing the right trekking company in Nepal.

The choice of the best trekking agency among the thousands of agencies in Nepal is not easy. It may sometimes create confusion to the trekkers. Choosing the right trekking company is very important before booking any of your trips in Nepal. Have you ever checked that the company you chose is legally registered to government and affiliated to related organizations or not?

Every trekking company says they are the best company in Nepal but it’s your job to verify and check whether it is really the best or a big lie. It has been reported that some companies have been running business without observing legal formalities imposed by the country act and not even registered with the concerned office authority. Likewise, some companies whose licenses have already been expired and are not being noticed. There are people just making their own personal trekking website and operating as freelancers illegally and working on commission basis with other companies. Since, it is not allowed by the country act, the job is somehow being handed to other registered companies. Some of the tour operators are also involved directly in operating tours and trekking without any co-operation with local agents and without paying any tax to the government for doing so.

If you book your trip with an unauthorized agency in Nepal, there is a greater risk that you will face during your trek in the Himalayas. So that in order to protect from those risk take the following hints into consideration prior to confirm your trip with any travel or trekking company.

  • Is the company registered to government authorities?
  • Is the company insured staffs against accidents?
  • Is the company responsible towards environment?
  • Is the staff well paid so that they can make a living?
  • Are the previous clients of the company satisfied with the service?

Authorization Documents from Nepal Government Authorities